R Team and Your Team Rone and the same.

With a variety of backgrounds and over 20 years of combined experience, we R a collective of industry professionals. We are here to serve R clients, R community and build heartfelt, creative campaigns. We can help you, whether you are opening a new business or are in need of a fresh buzz for your established one, we are here to meet your needs whatever they may be.

Emily Reynolds

R Founder

New York native, Texan by choice. Mermaid hair aspirant. Vintage shoe hoarder. Cycling junkie. Mother. Hugger. Boutique Hotel Seeker. Lover of all pink drinks.

Emily has garnered more than eight years of marketing and public relations experience through owning her own business, R Public Relations Firm, and also through her previous experience running her award-winning website Defining Delicious and working for the Jason Dady Restaurant Group in San Antonio, Bread & Butter Public Relations in Austin, and Bay Bird Inc in San Diego.

While helping businesses and brands flourish is Emily’s passion — with degrees in Psychology and Philosophy and a Master’s in Social Work — empowering her clients and her employees is what drives her. Emily can proudly say that each client she signs is one she admires and knows is helping the world become a better place.

Emily’s priority in life is enjoying time with her two children whom she calls “her peaches,” while simultaneously exploring the country seeking the next client for R Public Relations. As the helm of R PR, Emily’s philosophy on life and lifestyle are one and the same: if you are what you eat, drink and think, make it deliciously balanced.

  • @emilygr8cer

Julie Cohen

R International Consultant

Fort maker. Novelist. Stroller pusher. Amateur oenophile. Sour candy specialist. Library fine tycoon.

Julie is a freelance writer and editor who dots the i’s and crosses the t’s for all R PR content. Julie is the former Food & Drink Editor of the San Antonio Express-News, and under her editorship, its Sunday “Taste” section was awarded Best Newspaper Food Coverage in the nation by the Association of Food Journalists. She also has been awarded Best Drink Writing in the country by the same organization. Before moving to San Antonio, she was the managing editor at Sauce Magazine, a food publication in St. Louis, Missouri.

Julie received an MFA in nonfiction writing from Columbia University and has taught high school composition and British Literature, adult creative writing, and college writing at Columbia University, Washington University and University of the Incarnate Word.

  • @julieannacohen

Stephanie Northcutt

R Director of Texas Offices

Pug Lover. Coffee before morning discussions advocate. Cocktail Connoisseur. Music Obsessed. Unicorn Dreamer.

Stephanie is an entrepreneurial spirit with a knack for efficiency and data driven results. Steph has been practicing in the marketing and communications field for more than 10 years. With a start in advertising, Stephanie quickly realized her passion for creative strategy and the ability to help companies grow and thrive in an increasingly hard landscape. She realized with a good team behind her, a killer idea and measurable results, anything was possible.

She draws upon her sense of style and mastery to details to inspire passion into her teams and strategically plan steps towards the future for businesses. The fast pace of a constantly changing communications industry keep Steph on her toes and ignite a passion for success. Stephanie finds operations and management fulfilling both professionally and personally, and truly enjoys helping others understand their true potential and value.

  • @stephnrth
  • @stephnrth

Jonathan Maxim

Chief Operations Officer

Taco Enthusiast, Menswear Nerd, Toes in the Sand, Fit Daddy

Jonathan Maxim is a Forbes, Inc Magazine and Huffington Post recognized thought leader, recently named one of the “Top 50 Founders to Watch” by Startup Grind.

After years of marketing and PR at a Fortune 50 firm, he branched off to pursue his calling in entrepreneurship. From launching a fitness app from start to sell, to managing multimillion dollar PPC budgets, Jonathan ignites his teams to remember purpose and passion in business, and breaks down “can’t do” barriers to “let’s do”.

Educated at San Diego State University (SDSU) first in Graphic Design and User Interfaces, he went on to gain his Masters of Business from SDSU as well. Currently he serves as a managing director at K&J Growth Hackers – a boutique firm that 10Xs ROI, and CEO of Vea Fitness, an app that rewards you for working out with monetary incentives.

Beyond the business, Jonathan is charged with enhancing the world through an unmatched positive vibe and mindful lifestyle. He is a man of integral energy and his niche is living and leading a purposeful and passionate life.

When Jonathan is not shifting the world with vigor and pursuit, he’s lifting weights, snowboarding, sitting in white caribbean sand, or spending time in his mother Janet’s apple pie-smelling kitchen.


Kody Melton

R Photographer

Pitmaster. Great Dane lover. Motorcyclist. Spurs fan. Carnivore. Nature aficionado. Family Man.

Kody is the genius behind the lens for R Public Relations photography. This San Antonio native has creatively combined his love of photography and great eats into a career, and we swear we can actually taste the dishes he shoots for our culinary clients. He has been shooting professionally for weddings, portraits and for the food and cocktail industry for more than 5 years. Locally, he shoots for San Antonio Express-News and The Current, but his most notable photo accolades include national magazines such as Travel and Leisure, People, Forbes Travel Guide and Playboy.

Kody loves people and being able to hold on to life’s little moments. Instead of “living in the moment,” Kody loves being able to relive each moment over and over through his photography. He lives a fast-paced on-the-go lifestyle that allows him the opportunity to try new things and expand his knowledge, but he is mindful to stay centered, and he knows that family and happiness are paramount.

  • @kodymelton 

Madison Baber

R Brand Activator

Lover of all things San Antonio. Trying to “adult.” Seeker of the best chai latte. Has puppy fever. Frequent Passport user.

Madison is R lead researcher in her senior year at The University of Texas at San Antonio working on a degree in Marketing with a minor in International Management. When she’s not hitting the books at school, or scouring the internet doing research for all of RPRs clients, she uses that one hour of free time to rewatch her favorite shows on Netflix or browse things online she can’t afford. Madison has the desire to inspire others and travel the world. She serves as the Vice President of Programming for her sorority, Alpha Sigma Alpha, and she just returned from studying abroad in China. Her main job is to make R strategy and content shine with market research to empower R clients to stand out from the rest.

She cultivates various on-going lists ranging from the most influential food and fashion bloggers to where you can find the best charcuterie restaurants in any city. She’s had a hand in all client campaigns doing background research and writing and sending pitches. As the self-proclaimed “human Google,” R inteRn is the best in the business at finding the hidden gems of information that help R clients shine.

  • @madisonbaber

Sam Freas

R Publicist

History nerd. Child of classic rock. Eagle Scout. Graphic novel proponent. Video game enthusiast.

Sam is an old soul stuck in a millennial’s body. With over half a decade of experience working on contrasting sides of the media spectrum, Sam brings a unique perspective to effectively communicating in the vast sea of mass media. As an Eagle Scout and former athlete, Sam understands the importance of strong teamwork, intelligent leadership, and clear direction in all situations.

Entering the industry as a media analyst, he learned the importance of clear communication when presenting detailed material. After almost four years and many hours spent crunching the numbers, Sam decided to seek a more creative, fulfilling career path. This search for a fresh challenge resulted in three rewarding years spent in radio, where he was also able to explore his passion for writing. While working in radio, Sam wrote daily on-air segments as well as digital features covering classic rock history. But what truly left him awestruck of the medium was the positive impact media can have on a community. Sam believes he’s now found his fit in the media landscape, as he views the opportunity to promote and share unique stories from businesses representing all corners of society a truly rewarding experience.

When he’s not buried in his laptop researching or writing, he enjoys playing every Zelda game released on every console from Super Nintendo to Switch. Catch him on a Saturday in the fall and he’s watching college football, then it’s on to baseball in the spring. But don’t be surprised if you find him reading Alan Moore while listening to his record collection that he “borrowed” from his parents.


Mandy Castillo

R Communications Coordinator

San Antonio native. Pizza connoisseur. Whale devotee. Forensic Psychologist aspirant. Feminist to the fullest.

Mandy is a true to form “little bit country and a little bit rock-n-roll” gal. With a heart for the city, she also loves to escape to the country for some ranch time and wide open spaces (cue the Dixie Chicks song). The third of the Castillo girls, Mandy has been practicing marketing and PR for five years while finding her knack in social media. Starting and co-creating the Instagram account @letsbinge with two of her sisters, she has found her love and passion in creating a fun and engaging story to tell about any client, restaurant and bar alike. Taking that passion to work with the San Antonio Current you’ve probably seen her at a ton of events killin’ the Instagram game.

Mandy’s hair is big and curly but it’s not full of secrets, instead she is full of puns, dad jokes, and unimportant facts you’ll never need to know. When she’s not making social plans or planning out daily calendars, she’s probably eating pizza and looking at pictures of dogs while watching TV. Clearly, she’s a multi-tasker. She’s a regular runner (because of all the pizza) with 10,000 playlists and songs on her phone. Her personal goal in life is to live by the ocean and marry Justin Timberlake. Nobody tell her he’s already married.

  • @letsbinge

Erin Covarrubia

R Office Coordinator

Champagne campaigner. Admirer of all things Texas. Dry shampoo enthusiast. Professional patio drinker. Loyal Target shopper. Believer in year-round iced coffee.

Erin is R office coordinator who is the glue that holds the R PR office together. With more than five years of customer service and restaurant industry experience, Erin understands client needs and ensures complete satisfaction. She is currently wrapping up her degree in Communications from Texas A&M University in San Antonio and hopes to use her skills to empower and confidently assist with the R PR team. Outside of work, you can most likely find Erin drinking a boozy beverage on a patio or wandering into a bakery for sweet treats. On the weekends, she enjoys strolling Target and visiting vintage shops in the Monte Vista area. Her dream is to own a small, charming house that would even make Joanna Gaines jealous!

Erin believes her enthusiasm helps create a positive working environment and a feeling of unity and determination at R PR. She genuinely enjoys brainstorming with her coworkers and working in a team setting to help create valuable digital and creative content for clients. She is an integral part in ensuring that our office operations run smoothly and are successful in supporting all client business activities.

  • @erinnduhhh

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