R Prosper

For publicity needs of your small business.

Through the R Prosper Program, which begins in March of 2018, we strive to empower in you a dream that prospers in the world. The services and tools included in the program are custom designed for small businesses that align with RPR’s business values and feature a local charitable cause but lack the resources to raise significant awareness.

Along with the required team alignment and charitable affiliation, candidates for the program must also have a written mission statement and be established for at least one year prior to joining. We hold all of these requirements as necessary in order for our team of experts to build the most effective awareness strategy for your business. Upon payment of an initial upfront fee and a corresponding year long agreement, the program serves as a turnkey solution to fulfill the publicity needs of your small business; bring the human touch back into your company; and make your growth and ROI plan into a simple, step-by-step guide.

Each day we build noteworthy campaigns and celebrate R clients.