Built with heart and innovation, R Public Relations is proud to boast the label of a boutique PR firm. The PR industry leader prides itself in understanding the custom needs of every client it works with. The team behind RPR is fueled by clients’ passions and the people that make their businesses run. With a mission to provide exceptionally creative and curated services for their clients, the team puts their heads together to solve novel PR and marketing challenges with creativity, strategy, and a bit of whimsy. RPR’s full suite of services includes campaign creation, public relations, event management, content marketing strategy, social media strategy, and creative services, including photography, art direction, and branding.

2023 was a banner year for R Public Relations (RPR), a fast-growing boutique PR firm. In addition to welcoming 14 new clients to its roster, the firm was recognized by six different publications for its excellence in the fields of marketing and public relations. These awards acknowledge everything from exceptional reputation management to overall preeminence in the field. The RPR team plans to take this momentum throughout 2024 as they dream up fresh, innovative ways to serve their clients.

PR Industry Leader RPR’s Recent Awards 

  • The 2023 Public Relations and Marketing Excellence Award which recognizes agencies and departments within companies who accelerate brand growth through exposing and promoting great business stories. 
  • Inc.’s Power Partners 2023, which identifies companies across multiple industries that consistently provide top-notch products and services.
  • Great Companies’ Women Entrepreneurs Award, in which judges select high-potential female entrepreneurs with outstanding resumes. Winners must make a “distinctive, unusual, and innovative contribution” to their respective fields.
  • Netty Awards’ Advertising and PR Awards, which recognize innovative PR and marketing achievements in the digital age.
  • Luxlife Magazine’s Best 5-Star Lifestyle & Hospitality PR Agency 2023, which showcases the very best companies in the hospitality industry today.
  • A slew of awards from Clutch Magazine, including Top Reputation Management Company and Top Event Management Company. Clutch awards are given to companies that demonstrate an exceptional ability to deliver consistent, high-quality work to clients.
  • Public Relations Agency of the Year, bronze Stevie® winner in The 2024 American Business Awards®. The winners were determined by the average scores of more than 300 professionals worldwide in the three-month judging process.
  • Most Reviewed Digital Marketing Leader for 2024 in The Manifest among Nashville digital marketing companies.

Know R Public Relations

With a presence in Tennessee, New York, and Texas, RPR has a history of successfully supporting new business launches, expansions, and major brand initiatives in these diverse regions. The team’s expertise lies in national media recognition, content support, and marketing and PR strategy — all of which work together to strengthen the operations of the small and mid-sized businesses on RPR’s client roster.

Emily Reynolds-Bergh founded RPR and, as a marketing and public relations professional with more than 15 years of experience, is the driving force behind the accolades. She possesses deep knowledge and expansive application of best practices in the PR industry and skillfully leads her team to deliver personalized PR services that produce exceptional outcomes for clients in the hospitality, business, and technology spaces and beyond. Emily’s aim for each client is to empower their highest professional goals and drive their brands to flourish. 

The path to her current role at the helm of R Public Relations started by co-authoring a book in grad school that taught her the power of the written word and the value of storytelling. Having found her passion and purpose, Emily dove headfirst into freelance promotional writing, most notably an ongoing gig for Taste magazine. Then, she progressed through pivotal PR positions at Jason Dady Restaurant Group in San Antonio and Bread & Butter in Austin, as well as Bay Bird in San Diego, all the while amassing specialty expertise that would allow her to branch out on her own.

R Public Relations, the PR industry leader, was launched in Texas in 2016 as a customer-focused boutique PR agency serving lifestyle brands. Every day, Emily’s work is enhanced by the distinct perspective her advanced degrees in psychology, philosophy, and social work bring to her team’s campaigns. She remains motivated by her intention to better the world around her with her outreach efforts and is proud to represent a carefully curated list of clients who share that vision and commitment to making a positive impact on their local communities.

Meet the Founder, Emily Reynolds Bergh

Emily has been featured in a multitude of publications and podcasts — including PR on the Go, BuzzFeed, Successful Entrepreneur, Global Publicist, and Authority Magazine — adding to the long list of awards racked up by the firm at large. For its part, RPR has also earned numerous local and regional awards, including being named the Best PR Agency in Nashville by multiple outlets, a Top 10 Reputation Management Company by Mirror Review, and a Certificate of Excellence from Bark. Emily currently serves as a member of the Forbes Business Council and is a regular contributor to Entrepreneur

As PR industry leaders, RPR and Emily understand the power of elegant PR told through captivating content, creative collaborations, engaging digital media strategy, dynamic event curation, and customized communications, the rarest kind. They help their clients make their mark on culture, and the team looks forward to accomplishing even more groundbreaking work in 2024.