While there are a number of elements involved in a successful PR campaign, one of the most important is how well you target your message. We’re not just talking the ‘who’ like whether it’s going to business executives in a particular industry or stay-at-home moms with a passion for clean eating. It’s also about the ‘where’ – local or national – and the ‘when’– seasonal or evergreen. What difference does it make? R team has the answers.

PR Campaigns

Local PR Campaigns versus National PR Campaigns

Admittedly, it can be tough to find the right balance between local and national PR. Especially if you’re a national brand! A big part of it comes down to budget because national campaigns can be costly when it comes to paid media, although they allow you to reach a wide audience. But if you only have the funds to reach them once, it may not be worth it as repeated exposure to your brand is what makes the most impact. What’s more, you’re facing much more competition at a national level both in paid media and earned media.

On the other hand, if your brand is looking to increase sales, introduce a new product or service, or has a specific message relevant to a particular city, state, or region then a local PR campaign might be just what you need. Not only is it more affordable for your paid media efforts so you can engage your audience more often when it comes to earned media, but you’ll also face less competition in local and regional publications as well as in organic search giving you higher visibility there too. The key here is to do your research to make sure your audience (the ‘who’) is large enough in your chosen area to reach your goals.

PR Campaigns

Seasonal PR Campaigns 

With Valentine’s Day coming up, you’ll notice many brands referencing the holiday in their PR campaigns. Is that a bandwagon your brand should jump on or would an evergreen campaign that can be used at any time of year be just as effective? There are a couple of considerations here. One, does your campaign relate to the holiday in any way? If you’re offering Valentine’s Day specials or your brand relates to love or relationships, then yes, a seasonal PR campaign makes sense. However, if your brand offers resume services, debt management, or something completely unrelated to this holiday, then any seasonal tie-in may seem gimmicky and more likely to fall flat.

Another consideration is your audience itself. If they are outside of the United States, you don’t want to create a seasonal PR campaign around Thanksgiving, for example. Or perhaps you need to adjust the timing of your seasonal PR campaign if you’re focusing on summertime and your audience doesn’t experience warmer temperatures until later in the year. In all, seasonal campaigns work best when they are relevant to the holiday, time of year, etc., AND your target audience.

R team has expertise in local PR campaigns, national PR campaigns, and seasonal PR campaigns as well. We specialize in the restaurant, hospitality, retail, health and wellness, business, non-profit industries and can help you determine the most effective type of PR campaign for your brand. Learn more about our public relations services and schedule your FREE Discovery Call Today!