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Scariest PR Mistakes

Top 5 Scariest PR Mistakes

Scariest PR Mistakes

As Halloween approaches, it’s the season of scary movies, haunted houses, and spooky costumes. But if there’s a scare you want to avoid now (or any time of year really) it’s the dreaded PR mistake. Truly, this is the stuff of nightmares for your business and some mistakes are unfortunately all too common. Here are the top five scariest PR mistakes and how to avoid them.

1. Not understanding your audience

By this, we mean not only your customers and potential customers but also the publications and journalists to which you are pitching. Just because your “news” is important to you doesn’t mean it’s important to these groups. So, before sending anything make sure it’s something your customers need/should know about and that you’re reaching the right journalists and publications to get that message across.

2. Ignoring media relations

If your business only gets in touch with journalists when you want them to cover something for you, then your chance of success is slim. Don’t have the time to cultivate and nurture these relationships? This is where a PR firm can be particularly helpful and is actually a specialty area for us. We’ve spent years on media relations in lifestyle industries such as restaurants, hospitality, retail, health and wellness, and non-profits, which is why we get such great coverage for our clients.

3. Going only for the big names

Who wouldn’t want coverage in the Wall Street Journal or the New York Times, they’re the ultimate in credibility right? But that doesn’t mean they’re the best fit for the message you want to share with your audience. And, unless your news is BIG, they likely won’t give you the time of day. Instead, consider industry publications and/or even local publications. They’re much more targeted meaning you know your audience is reading them, and you’re much more likely to stand out. 

4. Creating a promotional pitch

Yes, the idea is to promote your business. BUT, when you’re pitching to news publications, your pitch has to be newsworthy! Huh? This type of PR is called earned media which essentially means you are earning free coverage instead of paying for promotion. You can’t just submit a sales brochure on your latest product and call it a pitch. You have to put together a story that showcases your business. Think case studies, unique applications, timely events, etc. Again, this is where a PR firm can help you shine. We know what journalists are looking for and the types of pitches that work (or don’t).

5. Winging a media interview

Finally, it’s happened, you’ve pitched and a journalist wants to interview you for a story. Great news! But that’s just the beginning. Although you may know your business inside and out, interviewing skills don’t come naturally to most. Not to mention, you likely won’t know the angle the journalist is going to take which may throw you on the spot. As such media prep is a must so you know exactly what messages you want to get across and can do so effortlessly. A PR firm can also help you immensely here by conducting mock interviews, creating talking points, and more so the coverage presents your business in the best light.

To learn more about how R public relations services can help your business, click HERE to schedule a FREE Discovery Call today!

Starting a PR Consulting Business

4 Tips For Starting a PR Consulting Business

Starting a PR Consulting Business

Have you ever thought about starting your own PR consulting business someday? It’s scary, right? And I say this from experience, “Hell, yes.” But that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t go for it. Good PR is needed now more than ever, but how do you get from dreaming to reality? Having done this myself, I’m passionate about helping others become successful entrepreneurs. Check out my tips on starting a PR consulting business.

1. Make Sure You Have the Skills

Having a background in PR, journalism, or even corporate communications is a must. Not necessarily a degree. In fact, I have degrees in Psychology and Philosophy and a Master’s in Social Work, and while the people skills certainly translate it’s my experience that gave me my chops so to speak. Specifically, the years spent running my award-winning website Defining Delicious in addition to working for the Jason Dady Restaurant Group in San Antonio, Bread & Butter Public Relations in Austin, and Bay Bird Inc in San Diego. Many people think PR is just spin and slick talk, but it’s so much more. Lack of expertise is a surefire way to crash and burn.

2. Have Media Relationships at The Ready

Whether you have these media contacts yourself or you hire or partner with someone who does, the success of starting a PR consulting business hinges on these relationships. Sure, you can work the paid media (online ads, paid influencers) and owned media (your website, social media) angles, but that’s more costly. And even if you can get clients to pay an unproven PR consulting business for this, your profits will feel the hit as opposed to the free coverage you gain from news mentions. Not to mention, this earned media (free coverage) is what true PR is really about; you can’t be full-service without it. This means you have to build and nurture media relationships like there’s no tomorrow!

3. Find Your Niche

Sure, the big PR agencies have the bandwidth and the staff to handle clients from almost any industry. But, realistically when starting a PR consulting business that’s just not feasible. Nor is it beneficial for a small business in my opinion. In trying to be everything to everyone you lose some of your value, whereas if you have a niche you can promote your business more intentionally and focus your time on the media relationships offering content in that area.  For example, we R a lifestyle public relations agency which means we specialize in brands within industries that include restaurant, hospitality, and retail as well as health and wellness. Our clients come to us because we know their industry backward and forwards and there’s a certain comfort that their PR will be better and more successful because of it.

4. Determine How You Will Work

By this I mean your office. The days of needing a physical location are long gone. Sure, there may be some need to have a conference space now and then but there are certainly options for booking shared meeting space when you need it. It certainly costs less when starting a PR consulting business, but there are other benefits as well. At RPR Firm, we are fully remote which allows us to bring on talent from anywhere. We’re not limited by geography, nor are we boxed in by time constraints of commuting. Plus, in a creative business, the right mindset is everything. I find much more inspiration in the view from my home office than I ever would from a stuffy cubicle!

For more information on R PR consulting business, visit today!

PR Regroup

R Mid-Year PR Regroup Tips

PR Regroup

We've passed the half-year point and if your business hasn't gained the awareness and interest you want, it’s time to regroup. Many small businesses initially try to tackle PR themselves and quickly find out it’s not as easy as it seemed initially. But that doesn’t mean you have to shell out the big bucks to a large PR agency to find success. Here are some quick PR regroup tips to get your business going in the right direction as we start the last half of the year.

1. Start by asking questions

Look at the goals you made at the start of the year. Specifically, PR goals, but it’s worth looking at other business goals as well in case there are ways for PR to help you achieve them going forward that you didn’t consider before. Measure how far off-track you may be and why. For example, was it that your PR attempts just didn’t work, or did you get too busy and let them fall off? In the case of the former, consider what might have gone wrong and how you might improve. For the latter, you might consider whether a lack of PR will end up costing you more than what it might take to get some help in this area.

2. Keep your social media on point

Yes, this takes a lot of time, but small businesses should consider social media the low-hanging fruit so to speak. It’s a PR tool that’s more easily in reach to you and it’s a way you can go directly to your audience to build interest and awareness. Consider your audience and make sure you’re active on the platforms which they frequent. The caveat: you have to be interesting and relevant to get their attention. Give them a reason to share, and do it often!

3. Stalk your competition

Not really, well maybe. If PR is not in your wheelhouse, one way to spark ideas is to look at what your competition has done that’s been successful in this area, and where they’ve failed. Note where they pop up, what they promote, who’s talking about them, and what they are saying. Then figure out how those tactics might be of use for your small business. And, don’t just stop at competitors, consider other small businesses that are in your local area, or even better that complement you. Reach out to them, maybe you can partner on some collective PR or at the very least get some ideas on what’s worked for them. Entrepreneurs love to help other entrepreneurs succeed; they know firsthand how hard it can be out there!

Go from PR Regroup to Launch

We started out as a small business too and very much understand the need to build awareness and interest, but have a lack of time and money to put towards it. That’s why we created our Launch program for lifestyle brands such as restaurants, hospitality, retail, health and wellness, and non-profits. This 6-month program includes developing a brand identity, PR plan, and campaign for small businesses that qualify. 

To learn more about how R Launch program can help your small business, click HERE to schedule a FREE Discovery Call today!

Podcast Interviews

​​​​Best Practices for Podcast Interviews

Podcast Interviews

You’ve been invited to be a guest on a podcast, how exciting! Being interviewed on podcasts is a great way to highlight you and your brand in a fun, personal, and interactive way. Podcasts also have engaged and active listeners who may differ from your regular market, so it’s a great way to broaden your reach too! But if you’ve never done podcast interviews before, the experience can be intimidating. So we’ve created a checklist to help ease the process and make you better prepared!

Podcast Interviews

​​​​Best Practices for Podcast Interviews

1. The Prep Work:

  • Listen to a few episodes of the podcast
    • Do your research!
    • Listening to the podcast is a great way to learn about the host(s), the show’s format, and the overall tone of the podcast.
  • Prepare your pitch
    • What makes you unique and interesting to listen to? 
    • Preparing a pitch allows you to brainstorm your angle and be ready for an insightful conversation. 

2. The Day Of: 

  • Get camera-ready 
    • Podcasts are often recorded. Make sure you look your best so you feel your best! 
  • Check your technology
    • Make sure all your gear is working properly and allow time to troubleshoot and resolve any issues beforehand. (See the gear checklist below.)
  • Minimize distractions 
    • Silence all notifications (phone, watch, computer, etc). 
    • Minimize all background noise such as TVs or music.
    • Move into a room away from pets, children, significant others, friends, etc.
  • Drink water
    • Keep a glass of water nearby so you can hydrate throughout the interview.
    • Tip: be sure to sip, not chug, so that the noise doesn’t pick up on the microphone. 

3. The Gear:

  • Microphone/AirPods 
    • Using AirPods or a microphone can help isolate background noise and ensure sound quality.
  • Proper lighting
    • Many podcasts are recorded for promotional purposes!
    • Bright and clear lighting increases professionalism and makes for a more visually appealing interview. Ring lights or natural lighting work great! 
  • Your background
    • Backgrounds should be simple, clean, and professional. You can show your personality through shelf decor, plants, and artwork. 
    • Tip: avoid windows in your background as they create a glare. Instead, try sitting toward (looking out) the window for bright, natural light!

PR Success

6 Ways to Prep Your Business for PR Success

PR Success

You want to take your business to the next level and think that public relations (PR) can help you get there. First, you’re right! But before you hire a PR firm there’s some prep work you need to do to make sure you get the most out of the relationship and both of your time. Here’s what to do for your business's PR success.

1. Get your story straight

Not your story for the press but rather your brand story. It’s hard for a PR firm to promote your business if your message and brand identity aren’t clear. To do so create a mission and vision statement if you haven’t already. And craft your brand message which is the value proposition that you convey to your target audience. This will help firms like R’s to know how to pitch you to the media.

2. Know your audience

Speaking of your target audience, for your PR to be its most effective, you’ll need to clearly identify them, their characteristics, their pain points, and how they engage with brands. Without this knowledge, you’re shooting blind so to speak in how best to reach and connect with them.

3. Prepare your background materials

Yes, your PR firm could help with these things, but you’ll have to give them the information anyway so put your budget where it will count most - in your PR campaigns – and do this yourself. You’ll need to create a company overview, fact sheet, and executive bios to start.

4. Update your website

This is the most comprehensive reflection of your business, but it’s often the most overlooked aspect of brand identity. Firms like R’s can also help you in this area, but if you’re looking to hire someone that’s exclusively focused on PR, then your website may need to be tackled separately. But it should be updated to reflect your look and message before the PR firm starts sending media and new prospects to it. It can be helpful to add a newsroom to the site as well to make it easy to access your company overview and fact sheet, etc.

5. Get active on social media

You don’t necessarily have to be active on every platform available. Really it depends on the nature of your business whether it makes sense to be active on traditional platforms like Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, or LinkedIn, a combination of these, or a different combination altogether. Ideally, you want to have a least some presence before beginning your PR efforts to make you more credible, but if that’s not the case what’s most important, as your new PR firm will tell you, is that you consistently post and engage on your accounts.

6. Define your goals

Quite simply, you need to give your PR firm some direction. We can do wonders, but we aren’t mind-readers so goals need to be defined upfront. The old adage of throwing ideas against the wall to see what sticks is not going to give you the results you want and deserve. Consider whether you’re interested in boosting awareness, increasing credibility, increasing brand engagement, and/or creating a more positive brand reputation. Firms like R’s can then take that direction to create measurable goals.

R team would love to help your business achieve PR success.  Learn more about our public relations services and schedule your FREE Discovery Call today!


PR Will Increase ROI

5 Ways PR Will Increase Your ROI

PR Will Increase ROI

Increasing marketing ROI is paramount for any organization. Yes, it’s true you have to spend money to make money as the old saying goes, but the reality is you have to quantify the impact of those dollars or risk not just losing your marketing budget, but negatively impacting your organization overall. While in some areas of marketing, like advertising, it’s relatively easy to measure ROI, others, like PR, have always been harder to measure. As such the impact of PR often goes overlooked and underfunded. But make no mistake, PR will increase your ROI. Here’s how.

Measuring ROI

In general, ROI or return on investment in marketing is measured by determining how many sales, attendees, donations, etc. happened because of your campaign(s). Using advertising as an example, you could calculate ROI by determining the revenue you gained from a particular ad minus the cost of the ad divided by the expenses and multiplying by 100. It’s a relatively clear-cut formula.

On the other hand, PR has many roles such as boosting awareness, credibility, and engagement with your brand as well as cultivating a positive brand reputation, all of which are more intangible. What’s more, they are what you would typically consider top-of-the-funnel activities in the sales cycle rather than the bottom where the sale is closed. However, you can leverage them in bottom-of-the-funnel activities as well to prove their value in increasing ROI.

How PR Will Increase Your ROI

PR Will Increase ROI

It’s still important to measure media placements as well as social, website, and search engine metrics, however here are five ways to leverage PR in more easily measured marketing and sales activities as well:

  1. Use media placements in campaigns – Don’t leave it up to your prospects to come across your media placements, make sure they know about it by including them in your marketing campaigns and/or using them as another reason to reach out. Typically, it takes five to seven touchpoints to ‘hook’ a prospect so to speak.
  2. Add to sales and marketing materials – Adding award wins, industry accolades, and other media mentions in these materials, especially where they highlight how your brand can help overcome key customer pain points adds tremendous credibility.
  3. Share on social media – Encourage employees to share media placements on appropriate social media channels to increase not just brand awareness but also sales. For example, Hubspot states that sales professionals with a strong social selling index on LinkedIn have 45% more sales opportunities than those who don’t and are 51% more likely to reach their quota. Make sure you’ve created and trained them on social media guidelines for your brand first though!
  4. Add accolades to signature lines – Adding clickable links to thought leadership, awards, and other media placements is a subtle way to increase credibility, awareness, and engagement for your brand. And not just in terms of sales, but it can help with recruiting and investor relations as well.
  5. Create testimonials – The fact that your sales team is closest to your customers and PR is closest to media is actually a beautiful thing. You can work together to create testimonials that benefit your brand overall as well as your individual goals. The ability to share happy customer experiences is priceless!

R team would love to help your organization increase ROI with PR.  Learn more about our public relations services and schedule your FREE Discovery Call today!

What Is a PR retainer and How Is It Used?

If you’re considering hiring a public relations (PR) firm, it’s important to understand the billing process. No one wants any surprises there, R we right? There’s hourly billing, of course, but you may also have the option of a PR retainer for the services you need. Which is the best fit for you? Let’s find out.

PR Retainers Defined

A PR retainer is a lump sum that you pay to a PR firm each month for the work they provide. The amount you pay depends on how much work you need to meet your PR goals and your budget, so it’s important to be specific about both early on in your communications with the PR firm. Your monthly statement should itemize any work performed as well as expenses that were not included in the retainer if any. You should also be able to request the right to approve any expenses over a certain amount before they are incurred.

Benefits of PR Retainers

There are a number of benefits to PR retainers including:

  • Having access to a broad range of services from the PR firm
  • Building a relationship with a dedicated team who knows your brand and goals
  • Ability to achieve long-term as well as short-term goals with messaging and brand consistency
  • Flexibility should you need more of certain services and less of others depending on a project or goal
  • Better budget control because you know what your PR costs will be each month

PR retainer

When is a PR Retainer Best?

A PR retainer is an ongoing agreement between you and your PR firm, usually renewable on a yearly basis. Although different PR firms may have different terms. So, if your brand needs ongoing support to increase brand awareness and credibility, keep your target audience engaged, help generate leads, and/or maintain your positive reputation, a PR retainer could just be the way to go.

With a PR retainer, your firm will continually work on your behalf to consistently monitor the media in your target market(s), identify opportunities in which to pitch your products/services and share your announcements and news. R firm also considers it an opportunity to really get to know you, your brand, and your goals so we can work as an extension of your team for better efficiency and success. 

This can also be helpful when things come along that you’re not anticipating like perhaps a product recall, customer injury or complaint, employee misconduct, security breach, or any type of negative press. It’s in these circumstances that time is of the essence and having an expert PR team at the ready can be invaluable.

On the other hand, if you have more one-off needs for PR services such as you already have in-house PR staff but have an overflow project that needs outsourcing. Or, perhaps you have a small company with too limited of a budget for ongoing PR. That’s ok too! Luckily, R expert team not only works by PR retainer but also offers a la carte services!

We’d love to see how we could help your brand! Learn more about our public relations services. Or, schedule a FREE Discovery Call Today!

Public Relations Blogs

R Favorite Public Relations Blogs

Public Relations BlogsIf you are looking to learn the ins and outs of public relations (PR), following blogs written by experts in the industry is an ideal way to do it. While a quick Google search of “public relations blogs” comes back with 707, 000 results which means there’s enough reading material for the rest of your life, (and the next!), it can be hard to determine which are the most credible and/or are focused on the areas in which you are interested. Not only does it waste your time to sort through blog after blog to find the right ones, but implementing tips that won’t really work could make your PR projects less effective or even damage your career. Yikes! So, we’re here to help with R favorite public relations blogs in no particular order.

PR Daily This publication features a daily news feed that can be delivered straight to your inbox with content in the PR areas of social media, media relations, crisis PR, writing, and editing.

Spin Sucks – The vision for this resource for PR training, trends and insights is to change the negative perception (we’re not spin doctors, dang it!) of the PR profession. Their blog helps you to stay current on industry trends and insights, business growth, market reports, and more.

Institute for Public Relations – This non-profit organization conducts and publishes research on the factors impacting PR and corporate communications today. Their blog features expert opinion pieces, strategy recommendations, and how new trends and tech will shape the future of the industry.

PRSay – Whether you’re a seasoned pro or a beginner to the PR industry, this blog features content for both ends of the spectrum including how-tos, training, and development as well as diversity and ethics in the PR field.

PR Couture – A blog after our hearts for sure because it focuses on lifestyle PR, R specialty! Some of the content categories include PR strategies, working in PR, freelance PR, agency tips, and an industry roundup of news as well as events.

Edelman Insights – Edelman is a top global communications firm with a blog known as “Insights” which features industry news as well as content written by PR industry leaders on best practices, corporate culture, diversity and inclusion, and even the responsibilities on PR professionals in the “fake news” era.

O’Dwyer’s PR News  – Originally a print publication founded in 1968, O’Dwyer’s today is digital but still features breaking agency news and industry trends plus a running ranking of top PR firms. It also helps connect agencies with clients through its RFP service.

Solo PR Pro – For all those freelance or independent PR consultants out there, this blog is for you and the unique challenges you face like promoting your services, building a client base, and balancing clients when working on your own.

PRWeek – If you’re in the industry, you’ve at least heard of PRWeek. Blog content features industry news, trending topics in PR, best practices, and more, and it covers multiple regions including the United States, UK, Asia, and the Middle East.

R Blog – Of course, we can’t mention favorite blogs without plugging R own! We offer R expert opinion on how PR can benefit brands in lifestyle industries that include restaurant, hospitality, and retail as well as health and wellness.

Public Relations Blogs

We also happen to have an extensive array of PR services we can offer you as well! For R help with your PR, learn more about our public relations services. Or, schedule your FREE Discovery Call Today!

Different Types of PR Campaigns – Is Local, National, or Seasonal Best for Your Brand?

While there are a number of elements involved in a successful PR campaign, one of the most important is how well you target your message. We’re not just talking the ‘who’ like whether it’s going to business executives in a particular industry or stay-at-home moms with a passion for clean eating. It’s also about the ‘where’ – local or national – and the ‘when’– seasonal or evergreen. What difference does it make? R team has the answers.

PR Campaigns

Local PR Campaigns versus National PR Campaigns

Admittedly, it can be tough to find the right balance between local and national PR. Especially if you’re a national brand! A big part of it comes down to budget because national campaigns can be costly when it comes to paid media, although they allow you to reach a wide audience. But if you only have the funds to reach them once, it may not be worth it as repeated exposure to your brand is what makes the most impact. What’s more, you’re facing much more competition at a national level both in paid media and earned media.

On the other hand, if your brand is looking to increase sales, introduce a new product or service, or has a specific message relevant to a particular city, state, or region then a local PR campaign might be just what you need. Not only is it more affordable for your paid media efforts so you can engage your audience more often when it comes to earned media, but you’ll also face less competition in local and regional publications as well as in organic search giving you higher visibility there too. The key here is to do your research to make sure your audience (the ‘who’) is large enough in your chosen area to reach your goals.

PR Campaigns

Seasonal PR Campaigns 

With Valentine’s Day coming up, you’ll notice many brands referencing the holiday in their PR campaigns. Is that a bandwagon your brand should jump on or would an evergreen campaign that can be used at any time of year be just as effective? There are a couple of considerations here. One, does your campaign relate to the holiday in any way? If you’re offering Valentine’s Day specials or your brand relates to love or relationships, then yes, a seasonal PR campaign makes sense. However, if your brand offers resume services, debt management, or something completely unrelated to this holiday, then any seasonal tie-in may seem gimmicky and more likely to fall flat.

Another consideration is your audience itself. If they are outside of the United States, you don’t want to create a seasonal PR campaign around Thanksgiving, for example. Or perhaps you need to adjust the timing of your seasonal PR campaign if you’re focusing on summertime and your audience doesn’t experience warmer temperatures until later in the year. In all, seasonal campaigns work best when they are relevant to the holiday, time of year, etc., AND your target audience.

R team has expertise in local PR campaigns, national PR campaigns, and seasonal PR campaigns as well. We specialize in the restaurant, hospitality, retail, health and wellness, business, non-profit industries and can help you determine the most effective type of PR campaign for your brand. Learn more about our public relations services and schedule your FREE Discovery Call Today!



R Publicists Favorite Things 2021!



As publicists, writers, idea sourcers, word weavers, and people who like to stay ahead of trends, we are all about the season of gifting and making lists. In fact, some may call us experts! Plus, who doesn't love to get some presents?


This year we chose things that are all under $100 and that we think should be on all of our wish lists.


Happy Holidays, from R team to yours!

Emily and the RPR firm crew



Meet Bridget Lewis: R cool as a cucumber content marketing Queen Bee.

1. Puremotion Shoes:

Puremotion Shoes

When I am not working I am moving, or want to, so these kicks are on my list! ($56)

2. Stacking Rings: 

stack rings

Because I type all day, I’m always looking at my hands and I heart these stacking rings. ($57)

3. YETI Bottle

Publicists! I need this. ($50)


Meet Ainee Hamza: R incredible, uber-organized cat-loving campaign assistant.

1. Planner Pads:


I still stick with paper for planning as it's always on my work table in front of me and always opt for these organizers. ($18)

2. Mi band 6:

mi band 6

For tracking my activity, I love Mi band 6. ($99)

3. Marble Lazy Susan:

lazy susan

This is another favorite because I love to cook. ($99) I also have my eyes on this Target Electric Griddle! ($26)


Meet Queen Bree: R in-house BBQ expert, punny social media caption creator, and all things clever when it comes to content!

1. Giant Glass Jar Candles:


I’m addicted to these candles from Anthropologie; they’re the perfect mix of berries, cinnamon, and vanilla. They come in beautiful designs and different sizes. I have them throughout my entire apartment. ($68)

2. Cloud Cotton Robe:


As we enter the colder months, the only thing that’s on my mind is being as cozy as possible and I love a good robe to wear when snuggling up on the couch with a hot drink and book. ($99)

3. Fujifilm Instant Camera:


“Shake it like a polaroid picture!” This camera gives you vintage keepsakes in less than a minute, and they come in fun colors. ($79)


Meet Madison Baber: R account manager and media maven.

1. Wild One Harness Walk Kit:


Perfect for the pet-lover in your life, with this dog harness and leash combo, style meets function. The monochrome design is ultra-chic while also being super comfy, lightweight, dirt-resistant, and water-proof. ($98)

2. Sephora Favorites Bestsellers Perfume Sampler Set:


Perfumes are difficult to gift but this sample set from Sephora takes out all the guesswork! Featuring 13 of their top-selling fragrances, there’s something they’re bound to love. I love that once you choose your favorite, you can take the included scent certificate to any Sephora store to redeem for a full size at no extra cost. ($68)

3. Fruit & Veggie Food Huggers:


Better than a plastic bag, these food huggers are an eco-friendly alternative to keeping all your leftover cut fruits and veggies fresh! The fit is snug and airtight, plus they can be used for cans, bowls, and jars! ($14.00 for a set of 5, but on sale now for $9.80)


Meet Colter Bergh: The Dad of the group, the IPA all day meets INTJ and lead tech talent!

1. Bitcoin & Eth:


My choice to protect against inflation and invest in the future. ($100)

2. Ledger Nano S:


This is perfect for storing Crypto securely in an offline wallet. ($59)

3. Audio-Technica Headphones:


Because I like to tune in to tune out and good sounds help me get into a flow state. ($69)

4. CBD:


Because with five kids and a powerhouse of a wife, I need to keep calm in the storm. ($25)


Meet Emily Reynolds Bergh: R fem founder, mom of five, lover of vintage shoes, boutique hotel sleeps, and keeper of R business.

1. Amber KRS Black Onyx + Diamond Ring:


I am a sucker for hand-crafted jewelry. Amber Krs is a new client of ours and I have been eyeing her Black Onyx diamond ring. It screams unique, powerful, and has a touch of femininity; her art is all so clean and thoughtful. This is a bit over the $100 budget but you can make payments, that counts right? ($325)

2. Triangle Diamond Stud Earring From Robin Haley:

robin haley

Of course, I am also a super fan of Robin Haley Jewels too. The diamond triangle studs have my heart! ($97)

3. Flamingo Estate Tuscan Rosemary Soy Candle:



Recently gifted to me for my birthday by the incredible Julia Hefflefinger, I cannot stop smelling this candle and thinking someone is making me homemade focaccia drizzled in olive oil and crisp rosemary. It’s also one of Oprah’s favorite things too! ($45)


Meet Julia Heffelfinger: R recipe creator, editor of all things that make our hearts melt and crave.

1. Papier Scallop-Rimmed Stationery: 


In a time when email and texting are the norms, I love sending and receiving a little personalized note in the mail. It’s even more fun when you have cute, personalized stationery to write it on! ($28/10 cards)

2. Food52 x Green Pan Skillets:


I’ve been eyeing these nonstick skillets from the Food52 x Green Pan collaboration for a long time. I just love the gold handles and fun colors—so much more visual and fun than your typical black skillet. (8-inch & 11-inch skillets/$92)

3. Farmhouse Pottery Paper Towel Holder:

paper towels

Your paper towels now deserve a spot on the countertop thanks to these boldly-painted wood holders from Farmhouse Pottery. I have my eye on the ochre one! ($68) 

4. Piped Edged Hand Towels:

hand towels

I love the subtle pop of color in these plush bath towels. ($58)


Meet Kat Fleischman: R newest publicist and Miami heat Latina, mama to be is a pizza lover who also lives by the sea (and we’re jealous!).

1. The SIll Plant Subscription:


All I want for Christmas, Hanukkah, and all the things is this Classic Plant Subscription because plants make me happy! ($55-65)

2. Mini Portable Printer:


Second on my list is this cute little porta printer, because everything small and cute, and also portable, is just better! ($70)

3. Portable Charcoal Grill:

charcoal grill

Grill girl grill! If Santa is in a grilling mood, get mama these coals! ($30)


Meet Holly Cowan: R mom of three, grammar gal, and editor of all things content.

1. Teva Flip Flops:


As a southern girl, I love a good pair of flip flops and these are the best. They’re cute enough to wear anywhere (which I do) and they come in a variety of colors (I may have them all). Plus, they’re made from recycled material and when you’re ready to retire them, send them back so they can be recycled again into running tracks, playgrounds, and more. Pretty cool! ($25)

2. Oversized Super-Soft Plush Throw:


I love to curl up with a good book and this throw is my go-to for coziness. It also comes in all kinds of fun designs to suit your mood, hobbies, or the season! ($22)

3. Kindle Unlimited Subscription:


To make sure I have an unending supply of those good books that I mentioned above, I love my Kindle unlimited subscription. You can use it on any device with the free Kindle app. It makes a great gift and is on sale for the holidays. ($80 for a 12-month subscription)