Recent research reveals that 60% of marketing executives believe digital marketing and public relations (PR) will work together more closely in the future. As a business owner, this is the best time to Invest in Public Relations as it is 90% more successful in influencing consumers than advertising. Still not convinced? Read on to find out how to boost business growth with PR activities. 

Why Should Businesses Invest in Public Relations? 

Besides the apparent benefits of visibility and brand reputation management, investing in PR offers other advantages. Here’s a list of 12 reasons why investing in PR is a good decision. 

1. Boost Brand SEO

In today’s digital business world, search engine optimization is a fuel that drives long-term growth. Research shows that 68% of online experiences begin with a search engine, while SEO leads have a 14.6% close rate. Good PR strategies combined with content marketing can create buzz for your business online. This content will drive traffic to your website and generate quality backlinks from reputable websites, contributing to better SEO performance and ranking on search engine results pages. 

2. Build Brand Awareness

Brand Awareness
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At its core, investing in PR helps build brand awareness. Combining good PR strategies like press releases, newsjacking, and guest blogging will help you establish a digital footprint. Subsequently, this content will help prospects understand your brand, get visibility from reshares, and start building connections with your brand.

3. Humanize Your Brand

With so much vying for consumers’ attention, it’s easy to lose connection with your target audience. Since most communication is online, you cannot easily measure body language, which creates its own challenge. Using a powerful PR technique like storytelling, you can engage with your audience more personally. Rather than positioning as another brand, PR storytelling helps you show a more human side of your brand. For example, showing empathy by supporting issues relevant to your audience that also align with your brand’s value.

4. Implement Cost-effective Strategy

Invest in Public Relations
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Digital PR campaigns have significant elements of organic marketing, like content marketing and link building. Generally, these methods are less expensive than paid advertising. For example, content marketing costs 6x less than advertising, freeing up your budget for other priorities. 

5. Foster Brand Collaboration and Endorsement

Collaboration and endorsement are crucial elements for business growth. However, companies will only work with brands with good reputations. Creating PR campaigns that show your brand favorably in the media can help build your reputation and awareness. It also helps to establish your brand as an authority in the industry.  

6. Hire and Retain Top Talent

Recent LinkedIn research revealed that 72% of recruiters agreed that the employer brand significantly impacts hiring top talent. With employee review sites like Glassdoor and other social media platforms, prospective employees can quickly research your brand’s value and employee development programs. Investing in PR can be the key to making your brand attractive to the right talent pool. 

7. Maximize Your Advertising Strategy

Invest in Public Relations
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Relying on paid advertising strategies isn’t sustainable for a small business with a limited budget. However, including PR in your marketing mix helps you to stretch that budget. PR strategies like gaining earned media, blogging, link building, and thought leadership drives traffic long-term, which is excellent since ads only generate traffic when they are active. 

8. Manage the Brand’s Reputation

A study by MIT found that false news travels 6x faster than truth. In a world with a 24-hour news cycle, you must constantly monitor and protect your brand reputation. By investing in PR you can more easily monitor brand mentions, communicate company news and quickly respond to false news and crises before they escalate. 

9. Attract Quality Leads

Quality lead generation depends on brand awareness and your target audience’s willingness to believe how your products or services will benefit them. Prospects are more likely to work with you if they see your brand as trustworthy. Investing in PR helps your brand go a long way toward achieving this.

10. Gain High-Quality Backlinks

The quality of backlinks you generate is vital to improving SEO performance. PR integrates strategies like guest blogging and social media to get original links from reputable platforms which will help the target audience find you easily.

11. Establish Brand Authority

A survey by Nielsen revealed that 85% of consumers look to content from experts before they make a purchasing decision. Investing in PR helps you build authority and position as an expert by creating thought leadership content and reports. Subsequently, customers will rely on your brand for information which will boost visibility and make the sales process easier. 

12. Increase Customer Lifetime Value

Invest in Public Relations
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Another benefit of investing in PR is improving brand loyalty. When the target audience trusts your brand, they are more likely to purchase your products the first time. But, you need to keep them repeatedly purchasing from you, and a key way to do that is by building a good relationship with them through PR. For example, keeping them up to date with news and information that’s relevant to them.

Next Steps to Invest in Public Relations

The benefits of public relations in business growth are unlimited. You can improve customer loyalty, build trust, boost SEO performance, save advertising costs, and get reputable backlinks. All of these will help to increase sales and growth and help you create a formidable brand. However, to invest in Public Relations, you need the right expertise. At RPR, we help businesses generate tangible results that support business goals with expert-led public relations services. Schedule a call with our professional PR consultants to get started.