If you’re interested in leveling up your public relations (PR) efforts, we bring you some tried and true strategies. From humor-infused campaigns that tickle the funny bone to data-driven emotion pairing, strategic distribution, and gamification, here’s how to make your good public relations campaign even better. 

1. Add Humor, But Be Creative

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Likely, the last thing your target audience wants to see is another PR campaign with a man in a suit talking about your product or event. Integrating humor in your PR campaign content helps to place your audience in a relaxed mode. An Oracle “2022 Happiness Report” revealed that 90% of people are more likely to remember funny ads, and 72% would choose a brand that uses humor over the competition. Although humor can be tricky, the rule of thumb is always to understand your target audience and the topic’s sensitivity. Infuse some humor creatively into your content so it delivers the expected results without throwing your customers off your brand. For example, Unilever Dollar Shave infused UK humor to target the UK audience in preparation for its launch. 

2. Pair Data with Emotions

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Data drives the most effective results, but most businesses aren’t taking full advantage of this in their PR campaigns. To improve your PR activities, you must understand the type of content and topics most relevant to the target audience and the platforms in which they engage. With PR tools such as BuzzSumo content analysis reports, you can analyze how your audience reacts to specific discussions on Facebook. This information will help you decide on the best angle for good public relations. However, it’s best to consistently create content that touches on relevant issues that align with your brand’s values and marketing goals. 

3. Distribute Strategically

Good Public Relations
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One common mistake among business owners is confusing reach with effective results. Although the platform’s audience size matters, PR content is usually more effective if it’s on a platform that is more relevant to your target audience. For example, Instagram and TikTok are better distribution channels to deliver content for a younger demographic, while LinkedIn is best if you are targeting a business-to-business audience. This approach works in media relations as well. For example, learning a journalist’s niche and identifying relevant distribution channels, and adapting your content to fit will generate better publicity for you.

4. Integrate PR tools

Companies must be one step ahead of the competition to achieve good public relations results today. Integrating relevant PR tools will help you gain insights, distribute effectively, organize PR activities, and track results. For example, you can set up Google Alerts to monitor mentions of specific keywords like your brand names or a cause you support. Other PR tools like BuzzSumo and HARO will help improve your campaign efforts.

5. Include Gamification for Better Engagement

Competition is a great way to boost engagement and visibility for your PR campaigns. By including elements of competition like lotteries, raffles, and others, you will give customers more reasons to participate. It also triggers a natural emotional response that helps them recall your brand long after the campaign ends. While most topics might not look “game worthy,” you can always add creative PR strategies to make it fun.

For example, a PR campaign about a social issue can ask the target audience to create a 1-minute video about how the issue affects them or suggest a solution. After the campaign ends, the top pitches receive a grant or an opportunity to join your team in addressing the issue. Always remember that the goal of public relations is to first connect with the public. Gamification offers that unique opportunity to do this in a fun manner. The Nike + Run Club app campaign is an excellent example of using gamification in marketing. 

6. Integrate Testimonials to Build Trust

Storytelling is an effective PR campaign strategy, and there’s no better way to tell authentic stories than through testimonials. This approach shows your target audience that you understand their problems and there’s a solution. Customers trust brands with excellent social proof; if you want to improve PR results, you must find ways to build trust. Testimonials can come in the form of brand stories, customer success stories, employee stories, and more. For example, you can have a customer speak in a video instead of hiring a model to read a script. 

7. Partner with a Professional PR Firm

Good Public Relations
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Most times, the challenges with making good public relations even better start with a lack of expertise. For example, not only do you need scroll-stopping content but also technical knowledge of SEO and other relevant non-traditional PR strategies. It’s hard to find that diverse expertise in-house without a full PR team. However, partnering with an agency that offers full-service PR can save cost and time, and help you put your best foot forward. Their wealth of knowledge from working with brands like yours will help them implement effective public relations strategies that boost performance fast. 

Get Started Making Good Public Relations Even Better

You need more than a generic approach to create the best PR campaigns and maintain your competitive advantage. Including humor, creativity, integrating PR tools, and partnering with professionals can boost your PR campaign performance. At RPR, we help businesses generate tangible results that support business goals with expert-led public relations services. 

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