Podcast Interviews

You’ve been invited to be a guest on a podcast, how exciting! Being interviewed on podcasts is a great way to highlight you and your brand in a fun, personal, and interactive way. Podcasts also have engaged and active listeners who may differ from your regular market, so it’s a great way to broaden your reach too! But if you’ve never done podcast interviews before, the experience can be intimidating. So we’ve created a checklist to help ease the process and make you better prepared!

Podcast Interviews

​​​​Best Practices for Podcast Interviews

1. The Prep Work:

  • Listen to a few episodes of the podcast
    • Do your research!
    • Listening to the podcast is a great way to learn about the host(s), the show’s format, and the overall tone of the podcast.
  • Prepare your pitch
    • What makes you unique and interesting to listen to? 
    • Preparing a pitch allows you to brainstorm your angle and be ready for an insightful conversation. 

2. The Day Of: 

  • Get camera-ready 
    • Podcasts are often recorded. Make sure you look your best so you feel your best! 
  • Check your technology
    • Make sure all your gear is working properly and allow time to troubleshoot and resolve any issues beforehand. (See the gear checklist below.)
  • Minimize distractions 
    • Silence all notifications (phone, watch, computer, etc). 
    • Minimize all background noise such as TVs or music.
    • Move into a room away from pets, children, significant others, friends, etc.
  • Drink water
    • Keep a glass of water nearby so you can hydrate throughout the interview.
    • Tip: be sure to sip, not chug, so that the noise doesn’t pick up on the microphone. 

3. The Gear:

  • Microphone/AirPods 
    • Using AirPods or a microphone can help isolate background noise and ensure sound quality.
  • Proper lighting
    • Many podcasts are recorded for promotional purposes!
    • Bright and clear lighting increases professionalism and makes for a more visually appealing interview. Ring lights or natural lighting work great! 
  • Your background
    • Backgrounds should be simple, clean, and professional. You can show your personality through shelf decor, plants, and artwork. 
    • Tip: avoid windows in your background as they create a glare. Instead, try sitting toward (looking out) the window for bright, natural light!