If you’re a business owner, you have likely come across the adage, “no publicity is bad publicity.”  While the veracity of this statement is debatable, an opportunity to create a buzz around your business and brand is an ongoing effort. Many brands already know how impactful standard PR outreach can be in building brand awareness and establishing credibility, but only a few know how to leverage unorthodox PR tactics. In this post, we explore six top PR opportunities for business owners and how you can use them to build brand awareness. 

Top 6 PR Opportunities Business Owners Often Miss Out On

Here are the top six PR opportunities business owners usually miss out on. 

1. Guerrilla Marketing

Guerrilla marketing generates publicity. It drives brand awareness using unconventional marketing tactics that grab public attention using creative means such as street art, pop-up installations, or flash mobs. Guerrilla marketing creates shock, curiosity, or surprise, and as a brand, you can leverage this to create awareness for your brand. Spotify and Bounty are examples of brands that use guerrilla marketing as a PR opportunity. 

PR Opportunities
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In January 2019, Spotify partnered with Chani Nicholas, a U.S. astrologer, to create a Cosmic Playlist for its listener. Bounty’s installation of life-sized “messes,” such as melting popsicles and knocked-over coffee cups across New York, generated more attention than having the same message on billboards. 

2. Experiential Marketing

You can tell the public about your product, but a better way to create awareness is to show them instead. Allowing prospective and existing customers to experience your product first-hand creates an immersive and engaging experience. If executed well, many will be extra motivated to share the experience with their friends, family, and social media followers. However, you must be creative with your approach, conduct thorough planning, and execute it seamlessly, as experiential marketing for PR opportunities can be resource intensive. For experiential marketing to be a successful PR tactic, you must portray your audience as the characters in the story of your brand experience.

PR Opportunities
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For instance, with the “The Queen’s Ball: A Bridgerton Experience,” Netflix commemorated the second season of Shonda Rhimes’ popular TV series by launching theatrical pop-up events in various cities. Branded as “an exclusive night of music and dance,” the event invited fans to dress up in 19th-century costumes, revel in a string quartet’s rendition of contemporary music, and even get an audience with a queen seated on a plush sofa.

3. Employee Advocacy

If you have a positive relationship with your employees, they can serve as a natural voice for your brand. Many employees have massive following across various social media, and they can help build relationships with your current customers and reach prospective ones to drive organic visibility. Employee advocacy and PR are more intertwined today than before. According to Hootsuite, as a business owner, you can expand your organic reach by 200% and elevate profitability by 23% with a formal employee advocacy program. Unfortunately, many employers miss out on this PR opportunity because they feel they’re controlling their staff by telling them to advocate for their brands. However, that is not true. If well motivated, your employees can be key in reaping PR benefits.

4. Cause-Related Marketing

PR Opportunities
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Everybody likes to align with a cause, and finding one that puts your brand in the good book of the public is a smart PR opportunity many organizations underutilize. Whatever brand story you tell must evoke strong emotions that drive your target customers’ engagement. An example of a company leveraging cause marketing as a PR opportunity is BoxLunch. For every $10 their customers spend, the company donates a meal to the needy through the Feeding America initiative. Knowing they are part of a cause they believe in can endear your brand more to your customers.

5. Podcast Appearance

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Appearing on podcasts is one of the most underutilized PR opportunities. There are many popular podcasts out there in need of speakers. You can reach out to podcast show hosts and let them know your interest and availability. While you may not be attending the show to promote your brand directly. Your eloquence, credibility, and mode of delivery can attract listeners to look you and your brand up. Additionally, you can request the host to include your brand details in the podcast description, to drive visibility. However, you must conduct comprehensive customer research to identify which podcasts your target audiences enjoy.

6. Thought Leadership 

Have you ever changed your opinion about a particular brand after reading its thought leadership content? Usually, branding is all about perception, and public opinion of you can affect customer decisions. A B2B Thought Leadership Impact report showed 65% of respondents agreed that a piece of thought leadership massively influenced their perception of a company for the better. In addition, 64% said thought leadership is a more reliable means of assessing a vendor’s competencies and capabilities than marketing materials and product sheets. While thought leadership content is not new, especially in B2B marketing, only a few brands leverage it as a PR opportunity. You can share your knowledge, expertise, and perspectives (often controversial) to build credibility and establish brand authority. 

How To Get Started With Unconventional PR Opportunities

It often takes thinking outside the box to deliver an effective PR campaign. If you’re struggling to decide the best PR opportunities for your brand or unsure how to execute your PR campaign to generate the right result, know that we are always here to help. Contact us to schedule a free discovery call.