In a world filled with global challenges—from hurricanes to war, mass layoffs to economic recession, it’s easy to fall into fear and pessimism. So how do you spread enthusiasm with PR in times of crisis without doing more harm to your brand than good? In this article, we explore different tips that can help.

Tips for Spreading Enthusiasm with PR

It’s easy to be overwhelmed by negative occurrences around us, and it takes a smart brand to spread positivity amid challenges. Here are four tips to spread enthusiasm during crises: 

1. Be Attentive to Your Customers

Enthusiasm with PR
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The best strategy is to talk less and listen more during crises. You can gather information about how the problem affects your target audience, possible solutions, and how you can help.  Start conversations with your target audience about the effect of the crisis on their daily life via your social media. Also, monitor platforms like blogs, social media pages, forums, and others that talk about the impact of the situations and identify critical issues your brand can solve. Remember, people just want to feel heard, seen, and understood; genuine listening goes a long way. 

2. Showcase Resilience through Storytelling

In times of crisis, people want positivity, inspiration, and affirmation that they can overcome any obstacle. They also want to feel understood, and the best way to connect with them is by showing your customers that you understand their pain. Creating a PR campaign highlighting stories of how your brand, an employee, or a client remained resilient in times of crisis and turned things around sets the stage for a conversation. Moreover, it inspires your customers to stay positive, triggering a ripple effect that can spread to larger circles. In turn, you might ask your customers to share their stories. This promotes user-generated content that helps build brand awareness as well. 

3. Encourage the Feeling of Togetherness

The most effective PR tactics leverage genuine human connection. Spreading enthusiasm with PR works if customers feel understood and know you stand with them. Identify a critical issue in your local area that affects customers. 

Once you have that figured out, you can create campaigns that trigger conversation around “this is the problem, how it affects us, and what we can do to fix it.” From this, you can quickly get people to support whatever relief drive you initiate. It’s easier to spread enthusiasm when your target audience is on board. People want to support a cause that helps relieve the stress of a crisis, and generating awareness and response is more seamless when we all work together.

4. Create Campaigns Around Brand Values to Show Positivity in the World

Enthusiasm with PR
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Beyond creating PR activities that showcase togetherness and help you listen or drive resilience, your campaign must align with your brand values. Every PR campaign must connect back to what your brand stands for and not just for the traffic or me too PR stunt. Initiating relief campaigns, online and print media content, or any other PR crisis strategy must showcase your brand values. 

Infusing your brand values helps consumers connect with you faster and build loyalty. It lets you show that you aren’t an “on paper” brand; you match your values with action. In a world riddled with deceit and crises, upholding your brand values helps to spread optimism and enthusiasm for a better future.

Examples of Powerful PR Campaigns that Spread Enthusiasm During Crisis

Many brands have supported consumers and/or upheld their brand values in times of crisis. If you plan to spread enthusiasm with PR, here’s some inspiration for your next campaign.

1. Airbnb for Ukraine

To support victims of the Ukraine invasion, Airbnb started a campaign that offered short-term housing to refugees. This campaign triggered enormous support with individuals booking Airbnb and canceling at the last minute without requesting a refund. This method serves as a donation drive to provide shelter for refugees.

2. Apple, “Creativity Goes On” Campaign

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In the heart of the 2020 Covid-19 pandemic, Apple created a PR campaign called “Creativity Goes On” to remind us to remain hopeful. The campaign inspired joy during the lockdown with Apple sharing tools and tips consumers need to stay connected with family. It also showcased creative projects and an educational learning series to help people who may be overwhelmed by the pandemic. The campaign was effective because it created a feeling of being heard and provided solutions to help consumers navigate the trying time.

3. Tescos #EveryLittleHelps

During the lockdown in 2020, many public businesses had to shut down completely, especially in the hospitality industry. So when bars, pubs, and restaurants began opening in mid-April, Tesco did something remarkable. They created a campaign that urged customers to shop from their local pubs instead of Tesco. This campaign showed Tesco’s commitment to local communities, thus showcasing its brand values.

Partner with a Professional PR Agency

There will always be crises, but we can amplify the positive instead of the negative. Using PR, companies can create positive messages that build consumer connection and loyalty and showcase brand values. When implemented strategically, you will establish your brand as a reputable entity that listens, understands, and takes action to support its customers at every turn. At RPR, we help brands create effective public relations strategies that boost brand awareness and revenue growth and spread enthusiasm. Book a free consultation to explore our public relations services today.